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Services - Specialist Abseil Solutions for the Construction Industry

Abseil solutions offer an efficient and cost effective way to investigate the building envelope, as there are no costs allocated to the hire of scaffolding or mobile elevated working platforms. 
 The flexibility of abseil access lends itself to any market where traditional access methods are difficult to implement on a temporary basis. As our technicians are not only trained in access but are multi-disciplinary operatives, Capital can work on most sites across multiple sectors.  

Glazing and Cladding Systems

Our glazing and cladding services cover the installation and replacement of cladding and glazing panels as well as all associated works including; mastic sealing, pressure bar replacements and seal and frame replacements where required. 
 We can also offer water testing and leak detection investigations which can be conducted as a regular cladding survey. The survey will consist of investigations into all seals, thermal performance and water permeation across all elevations of the facade. 

Roof Works

Capital have expert roped access technicians who are also experienced in the building maintenance sector and can rectify most roofing problems. Our specialties are atria repairs, which may require challenging glass replacements of all shapes and sizes.
 We work on many types of roof systems, ranging from a single ply roof to felt roofs, standing seam roofs and glazed atria. We offer a variety of services depending on your requirements from replacing roof components such as flashing's and copings, to the supply and installation of new components to enhance the buildings performance. 

Building Envelope

The overall performance of the building is key to ensuring costs can be kept to a minimum. Using abseil access solutions, regular maintenance surveys can be carried out ensuring the entire building envelope is performing as well as it possibly can.
 An entire building envelope survey would cover the roof, windows, doors and any cladding. Thourough checks on the thermal performance, water ingress and any failed glazing units would also be included.


Cleaning and Painting Works

Capital offers all types of building cleaning services from atrium's to steel-work and stonework. Various methods can be used including steam cleaning, pressure washing and specialist techniques required for stone cleaning and some facade systems. It is important to ensure the correct materials are being used for the appropriate surface and to achieve the intended finish. 
 Capital undertakes surface preparation and application of protective coatings and paint using industrial rope access techniques. This preparation process may include wire brush, needle gun, grit blast or pressure wash to the required standard. The application process may be conducted by brush, roller or spray to suit specific requirements. All industrial grade paints and primers can be supplied dependent on proposed use, surface and environment.





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